He walks this earth in solitude

With arrogance and guilt at hand,

He is forlorn with fault to bear;

As fallen Angels often have.

His single stare is adamant to change…

Committed sins are all condemned,

But all it takes is one more soul

As wretched as the one at hand;

To understand what He must withstand

For the broken heart to start to mend.

For once in life you get to see

A soul as fervent and as free;

Yet so indifferent and covert.

He walks in haste a unique entity,

Defeated, nevertheless trying to escape…

He needs salvation from Himself,

Being consumed by vile spite.

Revenge, the only reason on His mind.

He tried to hide from this temptation,

His cavern the only road to redemption.

Having fallen so ungraciously,

Sullenly guarding His heart…

He knew from the beginning that He was damned.

Enduring everything He can abide

Gathered His feelings in his hands,

He let the remorse dissipate.

Trapped somewhere between Heaven and Hell;

He knew his fighting had to give way,

For everything that happened

Was already predestined by fate.

© 2008 by Tasagi. All rights reserved



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