devil’s child…

Upon arrival to this forsaken place
Everything in the world has changed
Another soul was brought to life
First breath, first scream, first sight
Mothers hands holding tight
Smile with tears streaming down her face…
The world did not expect
No one knew what happens now
The soul is full of sin on this first day of life
Colorless face, glittery black eyes
The pain it has already caused
The world is clueless to what has yet to come
The muted look already knows its destiny
The path was chosen
The book of life never registered it
Through years of survival
Years of pain and struggle for life…
And for what?
The world did not expect it,
It’s yet to strike…
Death should have been the only option Forever lost was the only chance to sustain life
The devil’s child was given a chance…
It patiently waited in the darkness of the womb
No morals, love or pity
Death is hungry and greedy
Hands like petals will turn to thorns one day…
One day when it is strong enough
The world will cease…will come to an end.
No gratitude for life
The soul will flee its body
It’ll be too late to fight…
The rivers will turn bloody.
No tears in this world can cleanse the soul
It is engulfed in darkness
The memories are bitter lies
The pain is too strong.
To rid itself from this horrific curse
It has to kill…it wants to end this wretched life..

© 2008 by Tasagi. All rights reserved

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