in search of the unknown…

sunset, sunrise;
walking with my heart in my hands;
you fall, i rise;
it’s so hard to pretend;

i care, but i lie;
waves crashing in my head;
going through another night;
remembering what i had had;

i lost what’s mine;
somewhere along the way;
so hard i fight;
waiting for the pain to go away;

a memory of you is all i have left;
a painful crash in the memory lane;
i should leave it all to fate;
but in the end i only have myself to blame;

convince myself that you’re still here;
in my heart i feel the spear;
i stuck it there on my own;
piercing my heart it hit straight home;

sunset, sunrise;
it’s time to stop the fight;
my soul, my life;
please forgive my faults;

© 2009 by Tasagi. All rights reserved

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