i would take your hand in the deepest end,
i will search for you in the darkest night,
i will call your name ’till the last of my strength,
until the end i won’t give up this fight,

with my last breath
i will inhale your scent
i will hold on to you tight
with my bleeding hands

but you push me away
slice my heart with bare pain
wounds get deeper each day
every breath becomes a strain

muddy waters won’t help
they won’t wash away the pain
i need to take another step
pray on my way that i find rain

love so pure, never felt this way before
need a cure, need to find a way to shore
pain so sharp, want to crawl into a dark hole
everything that i was, matters no more

you leave me drowning in the waters
after giving me hope
you leave my heart cut up and helpless
after healing my old wounds

i can’t go on with broken pieces
i need you, to be whole
but once again you leave me selfless
without a heart, without a soul

seems to me that it’s all excuses
just simple reasons to let go
ways to avoid complicated issues
losing the future and all of the hope

© 2009 by Tasagi. All rights reserved

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