Every second feels like an hour
Every breath feels heavy and dry
Every blink burns my eyes
Every thought ends with you on my mind…
Sunrise…sunset hold no joy
Secrets signified by them fade away
Soul is dying of thirst…
Within a heart lives hunger for love…Until my eyes meet yours,
Hands touch and souls unite,
In this eternal dance of life…
feel your presence by my side.
The thirst is quenched
Persistence blooms within my mind
Right then and there…
I know that everything will be alright.
Deep inside, I never stopped believing
The faith, the pain, the truth, the hate
Feelings in complete chaos,
The only wise one was the heart.
Now I’m here in your embrace
I’m starring at your face,
But I get lost in the eternity of your eyes…
The depth and tenderness which saved my life…

© 2012 by Tasagi. All rights reserved

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