Cheap Fashion – Worthy Passion!

How many times have you bought something, worn it a few times and then gotten tired of it, but because you spent a lot of money on the single piece clothing, you couldn’t just dispose of it and buy something new?

Well, I have done that many times and every time I would chastise myself because one, I was spending a lot of money and two, not all clothing items are practical and some of them are just not worth the money we spend on them! So, I decided to do this blog and post a few things that’s I’ve found to be quality items and budget friendly. These are the items you can wear a few times and not feel bad about passing it along to a donation, again for two reasons, one is that it’s still in good shape because of the quality it’s made with and two because you didn’t spend too much money on it and it’s easy to let go of.

I know, this contradicts the whole aspect of better buy something more expensive, but good quality and it will last you a long time and in turn will save you money. But let’s be realistic, how many of us actually like to wear things longer than one, okay, maybe two seasons?

Yeah, that’s what I thought, not many of us do that and because styles and fashion change so frequently, sometimes shopping at places like Forever 21 and H&M can be very useful!

Also, another point I want to make, and I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite, but certain things like shoes, sometimes need to be a little pricey, simply because cheap shoes are bad for your feet! And just to clarify, I mean expensive shoes because of their quality not because of the name that’s on the shoe! I will be posting a blog on shoes soon and another issue that has been brought to my attention recently, so look out for that one, but for now, back to clothes and cheaper fashion!

Here are just a few things from

Colorblocked Ponte Knit Dress $19.80

Colorblocked Cutout Back Dress $27.80

Contrast Zippered Dress $27.80

Colorblocked Shorts w/ Belt $17.80

And now a sample from the amazing variety of cheap quality clothing at H&M and the exciting thing is, you can now shop online with H&M!! Here are a couple things that I found to be pretty nice!

Blazer $49.95 – Short, fitted jacket in glittery fabric with 3/4-length sleeves and front pockets. Lined, 45% cotton, 55% linen. Excellent quality for $50 bucks!

Pants $24.95 – 5-pocket pants in stretch twill with a regular waist and slim legs, 2% elastane, 98% cotton.

I hope the point I was trying to make with this blog makes sense. I’m open to opinions and criticism, so please don’t hesitate to write to me or ask me anything.


7 thoughts on “Cheap Fashion – Worthy Passion!

  1. Have you ever read “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion” ( I think it’s easy to think that a jacket ‘only’ costs you $39.99, but once you find out about environmental damage (pollution, waste, etc.) it becomes obvious that we can’t sustain such behavior. Granted, I’m still a sucker for H&M.

    • I totally get what this book is about and ironically agree with it, although I have not read it I have heard about it and know what point the author makes. What I wanted to convey with my blog in particular is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing, just because it has a brand name label on it. Ultimately some of the brand name cloth’s quality is even worse than the quality you can get at Forever 21 or H&M. I do agree though that some of the things they carry really are junk and having to much just around is always bad for the environment. I think people in general just have to be smart about how they spend their money, you can get quality stuff for cheap but you don’t have to regard it as something you just throw away after one wear. There are always donations to shelters which help tremendously to those in need and if your stuff is cheap but good quality, you can feel good about helping and not feel bad about having spent a fortune on it. All that said, it’s your hard earned money and it only hurts your pocket, so if some people want to spend thousands on stuff that some people only pay hundreds for, well, it’s their choice to make…it is a free country after all! 🙂

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