The Latest Trend: ‘Toe-besity’ Surgery

The other day while listening to the radio, I heard them talking about ‘toe-besity’ and until I listened a bit more, I had no idea what they were talking about. So, today in USA, it is starting to become very popular to ‘slim’ or ‘reduce’ your toes.

Why, you ask? Because those fat and ugly toes of yours don’t fit into those super expensive, uncomfortable shoes and since you have money to waste, you get your toes reduced/slimmed to fit into those ridiculous shoes that the designer is charging an arm and a leg for, but has FAILED to make COMFORTABLE! Really people!?

Here is what a toe beautifying procedure includes, Toe Tuck, Toe Slimming and Toe Shortening:

  • Toe Tuck involves surgery on your pinky to make it slimmer so it more easily fits into pointed shoes.
  • Toe Slimming involves removing fatty deposits from the tips of your toes.
  • Toe Shortening involves shortening the second toe.

Before I post some news articles, I would like to articulate a bit more on the surgeries/procedures above… Toe tuck, why would you want to cut off or ‘move” your pinky toe? I mean seriously, in some cases these women cut the pinky toe off completely so they can fit into their $$$$ shoes! No money and no shoe is going to ever make me cut off my pinky toe, this is absolutely ridiculous! Toe Slimming & Toe Shortening, UNLESS you absolutely have to do it for YOURSELF (ONLY), and I mean someone has got to have their own legit reasons for doing so, I don’t understand people who want to do it for shoes…like I said, no shoe is worth me altering my toes in any way!

Just to make this a little more clear, there are a lot of risk factors involved in toe alterations, first and foremost, we have five toes for a reason and if some shoe designers are willing to disregard that fact and make shoes that cannot fit all five of our toes, then maybe people should stop buying their shoes! Another thing is, our feet have a lot of bacteria on them, so it’s a high risk procedure as any small thing can lead to an infection, which in turn can lead to serious problems, including but not limited to limb amputations and even death!

PHOTO: E.R. recently went in for surgery to reshape his big toe.

Here are some articles and videos on this new wave of ‘stupidity‘ and I hope people really get over this fast…

‘Toe-besity’ Surgery on the Rise by ABC News


‘Toe-Besity’: Toe-Slimming Cosmetic Surgery On The Rise

Toe-besity: The stupidest reason to get plastic surgery? – “Americans’ neuroses have now become so specific as to cause severe embarrassment over the width of our toes,” says Rebecca Adams at the Huffington Post. Many people choose toe-besity surgery for purely aesthetic reasons (like looking good in slip-ons), but many others use it to treat real medical problems like hammertoe or other discomforts. Says Dr. Hillary Brenner, a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, “I don’t think it’s ethical unless you’re having pain.”

‘Toe-besity’: Cosmetic surgery procedure makes ‘fat’ toes look slim

AND while I’m on the subject of ‘STUPID things people do for shoes and etc.’, here is another idiocy!

‘LOUB JOB’: Cosmetic surgery craze helps women withstand sky-high heels“Foot filler procedures, known as the “Loub job” (referring to Christian Louboutin’s signature red-soled high heels), involve injecting collagen into the toe pads, heels and balls of the feet, creating a comfortable, pillow-like effect. In just 20 minutes, and for around $520 you can experience built-in foot cushions and reduced shoe-related pain for up to six months, reports the Daily Mail.”

Mind you that’s $520 dollars to wear Louboutin shoes that will cost you another three to four figures…I mean to each his own, so if you are going to get this Loub Job to wear Loub’s shoes,  I say have Loub pay for the Loub Job! It’s only fair!

And one other thing I will leave you with to think about, in ‘toe-besity’ women get surgeries to REDUCE their toes in order to fit into those expensive and uncomfortable shoes…but it ‘loub job’ women get collagen injected into their TOE PADS (the exact same area ‘toe-besity’ is aiming to reduce), heels and balls of feet for the same exact reason, to fit into those expensive and uncomfortable shoes. So where is the sense in all this? Beats me!

That is all I will say about this subject now, but feel free to comment, elaborate and/or criticize and I will respond.

Thanks for reading!

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