A Wedding Day to Remember

Every little girl dreams of her prince charming on a white stallion, on February 17, 2012, one little girl’s dream finally came true…and that little girl was me!

My prince charming didn’t really own a stallion, but he was a prince charming nevertheless. A little while later my prince charming proposed and I accepted…and then the fun part began. I, being the picky perfectionist that I am, decided to do almost everything for my wedding myself. Due to some (unpleasant) family events we were forced to postpone the wedding a bit and the nearest date available was February 17th, 2012, so we took it! Once I knew I was having a “winter” wedding (since there is no winter in California, it was just an expression to us), I decided to do an all white wedding with some winter-ish decor.

I wanted my wedding to be different and to be ME, so I had to make a bunch of things myself to match my character, taste and design style. Because crystals resemble ice, I “iced” my decorations and made it truly a winter themed wedding!

Here is a glimpse at the things I made, all by myself, for my own wedding…I didn’t have a wedding planner or a fancy decorator…it was all simply ME! It was hard and I spent a lot of time making these things, while working full time, and still trying to be excited about my wedding and all that great stuff!

Okay, so here come the photos of my work and brief descriptions:

First and foremost, my jewel, a Crystallized Lantern Money Box that took me over six months to complete. It is covered in authentic Swarovski crystal elements and it sparkles like diamonds (picture does it no justice)! It is covered with french lace on the inside and has an blue-ish LED light that can be turned on or off.

Since I had this gorgeous lantern money box, I needed a perfect stand for it and had it custom made by Unique Iron Work. It’s hand made from wrought iron and I added some crystallized brooch accents to it to match the lantern, but not to overpower the unique piece that this stand held.

Then came the centerpieces. I didn’t make the flowers, but I custom made these elegant candelabras with crystal accents to match the theme of my white wedding with crystals. I had electronic candles lit throughout the whole reception and my flowers were peach-white roses and while hydrangeas, which went perfectly with the candelabras.

The delicious red velvet with cream cheese filling and white with chocolate fondu filling layered cake, done by the amazing Sako at Cake Magic (click on the name to go to his Facebook page and see more of his amazing work).

Real Swarovski crystal elements on the cake.

The cake table and decorations.

“LOVE” hand-painted, crystallized and hand-made silk flowers by me!

Crystallized cake topper monogram done by me!

Crystallized Picture Stand that held our 12 x 14′ portrait in the foyer of the reception hall.

My custom Unity Candle, covered in french lace with hand-made silk flowers and crystal brooch elements.

I made a custom ring pillow too, but don’t have a photo of it. I will add a photo as soon as I get the chance, but for now here is a link to some other crystallized ring pillow I made for another wedding.

I saved the best for last, my favorite little jewel, my crystal brooch bouquet!!

OKAY…so I guess that’s pretty much it for now…I hope you enjoyed my blog and my little fairy tale wedding story! Thanks for reading and if you’re on Facebook add my page to see more of my work: www.facebook.com/tasagidesigns, also, you can follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/tasagidesigns and on pinterest: www.pinterest.com/tasagidesigns.


© 2011-2012 by Tasagi Designs. All rights reserved

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