Who am I? Who are YOU?

Who am I?

Who are YOU?

I am me…

My own person, my own imagination, mind and life…

But i breathe, love, hurt and age just like everyone else…

Ironic, isn’t it!?

How can we be so unique and so common at the same time….

How can someone think that they are better than anyone else…

We are not that different you and I,

Each individuality has its own critic’s eye,

Our humanity is what sets us apart,

But the important thing is that we’re human…all, not in part.

Personalities vary, but the shape of the heart doesn’t change.

Skin tones range, but the blood within us all is RED!

…stop being bitter, start looking at people with the eyes of a human, not an animal….and the world will become a better place for all of us…

© 2012 by Tasagi. All reserved

4 thoughts on “Who am I? Who are YOU?

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