A letter to my Husband…

I’m your Bonnie and you’re my Clyde
These feelings, I can never hide
It’s like an avalanche of pure emotion
Higher than any mountain, deeper than any ocean
Through thick and thin, I’m bound to you
Through bad and good, I’m behind you
Always there, always near
Whether you’re in need or fear
This love of ours isn’t common
A rarity, within itself a demon
It can destroy you or build you strong
Either way we can never go wrong
A simple smile or a brief caress
No matter what, it can never be less
It doesn’t get as good as this
In dreams and in wake, you are the only one I miss
And if the sky falls down
Or the ocean rises to the highest mount
Know this…
Within me is where your heart is found
Within you is where mine is bound.

~dedicated to my one and only, my soul mate, my best friend…my husband!!


© 2012 by Tasagi. All rights reserved


11 thoughts on “A letter to my Husband…

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