Conflict in Armenia, Nagorno-Karabagh Republic

I’m so overwhelmed with all of the posts about Armenia and the losses of the souls who are defending my estranged motherland. I was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, but my roots are from Nagorno-Karabagh and my heart hurts….I have so many conflicting emotions, but one emotion I’m trying to kill is hate.

I’ve been through a lot in my life, my family was a victim of hate by Azeris in 1988 and we fled from Baku to stay alive. Even after everything I remember from that godforsaken night, I still forgave and did not hate. Now I find myself reliving the evils of the same people, the same country where I was BORN…do you know how much that hurts!?

My grandmother’s sisters and their families live in Nagorno-Karabagh to this day….and there’s almost nothing that I can do to help…nothing! I’ve never in my life visited Armenia…never walked the streets or breathed that air, BUT THAT BLOOD RUNS IN MY VEINS and my MOTHERLAND calls to me. No matter where you’re born or life leads you to, nothing will ever shadow the invisible bond one has to their motherland.

Like one Russian public figure said, “Armenians are good fighters!” You know why, because we are DEFENDING our home, our country and our land. Who do you think will fight fiercer, one who is trying to seize and acquire new lands through battle and bloodshed or one who is protecting his children and his motherland! Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out does it!?

….and I still find myself unable to hate….

I’ve seen so many people comment on different videos and posts that are shared all over the internet and it baffles me how much hate Azeris have and how cruel and cold they are. But I personally know that not all of them are bad, because my family survived, in part, thanks to some of our Azeri friends who helped us in any way that they could. And yet, every day, I question the humanity of those who are speaking all of the hateful words….do they not have grandparents, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children….do they not have any compassion, love or humanity left…. What is the #world coming to?

#PRAYforArmenia #PrayforNagornoKarabagh #staystrong #prayforoursoldiers #justice #nohate #nowar #fightforthegoodofhumanrace #prayforpeace #prayforHUMANITY


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