About Me

first about my original blog that i created years ago specifically for my poetry…i started writing as a freshman in high school, writing has been a way of escape, a way to express my feelings when words just weren’t enough… i like drawing as well, but there was just something different about writing, so i never stopped. sometimes, there are things inside of you, feelings and emotions that cannot be described in plain words, so instead i would tell a story or paint a picture with my poetry where my feelings and emotions would pour into. i know most of my writing is dark, negative and depressing, the only reason why is because i have an urge to write when i’m upset and/or hurt…it helps so much getting all of that energy out of your system and onto a paper, it releases you from its bounds and you feel a 1000 times better afterwards.

well, then i decided to take my artistic side and aside from just writing and drawing, i started making unique decor items! see my blogs for more info on that or follow me on twitter at twitter.com/tasagidesigns or pinterest at www.pinteres.com/tasagidesigns.

to make this blog a little bit more like me, i’m also going to write about and post many things that interest me. i hope you, guys and dolls, enjoy reading these blogs as much i enjoy writing them!

thanks for taking the time to read my humble ‘about me’!

A few of my quotes, just for fun and because I can

“…sometimes when the colors of the world are too much to handle, a simple black on white is all i need to find my ground again…”

“not all lines have to be perfect to be beautiful…some of the most extraordinary things in life are often full of imperfections…”

“What may be foreign to some, is home for others…What is foreign, aren’t we all sisters and brothers? We divide our lands, our languages, our hearts…But from the outer space, the lines are blurred…there’s no you and me, there’s just US!”

© 2012 by Tasagi Designs. All rights reserved

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