Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details – Love is…

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never ending when it’s genuine… THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE, FEBRUARY 17, 2012! Nothing can beat marrying my best friend, my soul-mate, the love of my life! I don’t think I have ever been more nervous and more happy … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

I know I’m a little late…but like they say, better late than never! Thankful…oh, I’m thankful for so many things in life…first and foremost, I’m thankful for my amazing family and for the wonderful life I’m blessed to live! I’m … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

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GREEN – the Rebirth of our Planet; Rejuvenation of our Body, Mind and Soul! Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge: Green ( WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Green ( Weekley Photo Challenge: Ever “Green” And Not so Ever green ( Weekly Photo … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Burbank. CA

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Life-Sunset-Sunrise-Rebirth-Renewal…it is the everlasting cycle…the infinity of our existence!!          Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge; Renewal ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal ( Daily photo challenge: renewal ( Weekly Photo Challenge – Renewal ( Weekly … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

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~Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry~ “Not all lines have to be perfect to be beautiful…some of the most extraordinary things in life are often full of imperfections…” HERE IS A LITTLE PIECE OF MY EYE’S GEOMETRY & PASSION       … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Russian Poster

“What may be foreign to some, is home for others…What is foreign, aren’t we all sisters and brothers? We divide our lands, our languages, our hearts…But from the outer space, the lines are blurred…there’s no you and me, there’s just US!” … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Here are my SILHOUETTE Photos from my very own special day…love silhouette photography!! This photo was taken at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA! This, second photo, was taken on the rooftop of Castle Ivar located above the 101 North … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

During my recent visit to the Cosmopolital Hotel in Las Vegas, NV…I discovered quiet a few things that were BIG! First was this Gorgeous Enormous Red Shoe…women LOVE shoes and this amazing beauty just drew me like moth to a … Continue reading

Deceiving Smile

Not every tear is a tear of sadness, not every smile is a smile of happiness… Related articles Dont Let Your Smile Extinct.. ( Smile ( 10 Facts About Smiling ( World Smile Day (