Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

“What may be foreign to some, is home for others…What is foreign, aren’t we all sisters and brothers? We divide our lands, our languages, our hearts…But from the outer space, the lines are blurred…there’s no you and me, there’s just US!”

© 2012 by Tasagi. All rights reserved


I’m dedicating this post to a foreign country that I have made home through the years! CCCP, my foreign home…ironic that now USA is my foreign home… 🙂


“Be alert, these days even the walls eavesdrop. Not far from gossip are rumors and betrayal. DON’T TALK!”

“February 23, 1918 – The Day of Soviet Army”

“March 8th – International Women’s Day” 

Origination…the CCCP (USSR)

“If not me and not you, then who?” 



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